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SSL OWA Configuration

  1. Install Certificate Services, choose Standalone root CA
  2. Login IIS Manager
  3. Right click at Default Web Site, choose Properties
  4. Click Directory Security tab
  5. Press Server Certificate button
  6. Choose Creat new certificate
  7. Answer all parameters, and final it will ask you to save as file C:\certreq.txt. Type any path and any filename that you like.
  8. Point to Start / Administrative Tools, choose Certification Authority
  9. Right click at server name, choose All Tasks , and then choose Submit new request…
  10. Browse to certreq.txt file
  11. Click Pending certificates, you will see a request ..
  12. Right click it and choose All Tasks, Issue -> you has approve this request
  13. Click Issued Certificate, choose request has just issued
  14. Double click it and choose Detail tab
  15. Press Copy to File … button at the right corner of dialog
  16. Press Next twice
  17. Browse to path will be stored this cert, and then press Finish
  18. In IIS Manager, right click Default Web Site
  19. Go to Directory Security tab, press Server Certificate button
  20. Press Next
  21. Choose Process the pending request …
  22. Browse to certificate file
  23. Right click Exchange virtual directory, and choose Directory Security tab
  24. Press Edit button
  25. Choose Require Secure Channel (SSL)
  26. Choose require128-bit encryption
  27. Right click Public Virtual Directory, and choose Directory Security tab
  28. Press Edit button
  29. Choose Require Secure Channel (SSL)
  30. Choose require128-bit encryption
  31. Now that you have enabled SSL, you can enable Forms-based authentication.
    1. Go into Exchange System Manager,
    2. Go to the properties of the Default HTTP Virtual Server.
    3. Under the Settings tab, check the box Enable Forms-based authentication. Optionally, modify the compression settings. Setting this to High will have the greatest performance improvement to users. Forms-based authentication will allow Exchange to display the OWA logon screen instead of the popup window asking for username and password.
  32. Logon to Web browser and go address: https://servername/exchange
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